Sights To See

Bhojpur (28 kms.): Founded in the 11th Century by Parmar King Raja Bhoj, who also established Bhopal. Bhojpur is dominated by the monumental thought incomplete, Bhojeshwar Temple. Impressive sculptures cover parts of its unfinished corbeled ceiling and its entrance doorway.

Sanchi(56 kms.:) The tranquil hills of Sanchi contain one of India's best preserved Buddhist site. From the 3rd Century BC to the 12th Century A.D., this was a thriving Buddhist establishment of stupas and monasteries and is now a World Heritage Site

Ujjain (188kms.): On the banks of the Shipra river, Ujjain is one of India's seven sacred cities and one of the four site of Kumbh Mela in the 4-5th centuries it was the second Capital of the Gupta Empire with celebrated Sankrit Poet 'Kalidasa' as one of its leading light; lts glory was, however, eclipsed in the 13th century after it was ransacked by the Delhi Sultans

Bhimbhetka Caves(45kms.): The Upper Paleolithic period rock paintings still adore the walls of the caves. This is now a World Heritage site.

Indore (187 kms.): The bustling commercial center of Madhya pradesh. Indore was a princely state until 1947, ruled by the 'Maratha - Holker Dynasty'.

Bhopal City Map