Reliable History

"Leadership is an attitude, a way of life, fuelled by a vision to conquer, achieve, leave a mark and pass on a legacy for generations. Reliable Group that is known today for its enterprising vision, has it’s roots deeply entrenched more than a century back in time, starting with Late Col. Rahmanullah Khan Bahadur, who was born in 1884. He was a kind hearted and dignified landlord & Comptroller of the Royal Households of Her Highness Begum Sultan Jehan and later with H.H. Nawab Hamidullah Khan erstwhile rulers of Bhopal in Central India.

Mr.Hafiz-Ullah Khan, son of Col. Rahmanullah Khan (popularly known as Nawab Miyan) decided to pursue his dream, led on the foundation of strong education by going to Col.Brown’s and Doon School at Dehradun. He started M/S Bombay Stores in 1945 with the distributorship of Imperial Tobacco Company, now ITC Ltd. It was a foundation stone that opened the gates for future generations to pursue bigger and larger enterprising dreams that have flourished over years and endured several challenges over time.

Today, Reliable Group stands tall in the Central India’s corporate map with strong footprints across businesses built on the pillars of vision, passion and strong fundamentals passed on from generations."