The Awadhi cuisine

The Awadhi cuisine marks the beginning of the modern era of Indian cooking. So far we have believed that the modern cooking techniques were just recently been introduced but it is found that these techniques already existed over the years.

As we dig deep into the Awadhi cuisine we discover the characteristic taste and flavors of this region, this will make you recreate the authentic flavors of the Awadhi cuisine at our kitchen to be relished by your loved ones. It is often mistaken that Mughlai cuisine is Awadhi but it is not, Awadhi cuisine may have a slight influence from Mughal but both the cuisine varies.

When the British rule started to dominate and take over the kingdom of Nawab, the Awadh stood strong and their legacy continued. They carefully perished their arts, buildings and most importantly the cuisine continues to live on until today.

The fragrance of Saffron, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon & nutmeg fills the air. The cuisine is as diverse as the culture, thus creating a spectrum of interesting colours, texures, flavours & tastes. Appropriate spices enhance the dormant flavours.

A search for the true Awadhi cuisine gives us an insight knowledge about the rich cultural standards that was being followed from generation to generation.

awadhi food

We present you an unparallel selection of the famous Awadhi & Mughlai, which has been the passion of Royalty, a technique perfected over the centuries to prepare the exotic dishes in which this flavour & fragrances are combined to produce exquisite results. Our succulently spiced meats & vegetables are cooked in creamy, yoghurt, based marinades or broiled to perfection on skewers in our “Tandoor” – a charcoal based clay oven.

Za-aiqa invites you to truly royal experience made memorable by our unique ambience, warm hospitality, & a meal befitting a King & Queen. Let the Za-aiqa indulge Bhopal & let’s have feast doing it.